Confession Point

When you must confess!

I signed up for a forum of gaming,
Before I knew it I was a target of flaming,
What did I do, I thought carefully,
These barbarians attacking me, causing to flee,
back to another gaming forum, back to the ease
of all my buddies begging to be pleased,
awaiting my next blog post, I soon came to,
my 300th rambling of hypocritical, whinging poo,

Over time I think to myself, I caused this trouble,
attempted to fix it yet made it double,
without any courage to face the hoard,
I stay inside the safety of my gaming board,
so I sit here in the comfort of this lot,
in the humble barracks of ol’ GameSpot.

Yeah, I got banned from a board for being an idiot. But, I’ve come to face it, and accept it. Thank you, everyone.


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