Confession Point

When you must confess!

When i was about 10 yrs old my sister had to get an operation. So my parents left me with a babysitter she was an older lady, and her grand daughter was visiting her for the summer. She was about 14 or 15 she was very hott. Blonde, blue eyes and had an awesome body for a young chick. She wanted to play mom and dad so we started to play. To make a long story short that was the first time i ate a girl out, fingered a girl and got a blow job. It was nice i just wish she would baby sit me now. i think that i would teach her a few things now.


once several years ago I babysat for my pastors several young childern… as the night continued of I began a tickling match with hisduaghters age 6 and 11, I got excited by this and began to rub and grind againist them- the 11 year old seemed to know what was on and enjoyed it , as it continued I strongly foddled her vagina over her cloths – which she squealed and moaned with pleasure to, soon the 6 year old was begging me to “do what ever your doing to her to me”- this woke me from the speell I was in and I slowed things down right before I went down her pants- I enjoyed this alot and still think of it sometimes- I like little girls bodies okay- I don’t want to hurt them or even have sex with them but I love thier soft bodies- I was 25 when this happened and I moved away from that family shortly afterwards and have no contact- sometimes I know early teenager girls are flirting with me and want to kis them- This was the only time I felt things I did were inappropreiate- and am considered in shape /good looking- I am very sucessful with mature (of age) women

— troubled