Confession Point

When you must confess!

I’m a girl and we own a male dog. Here’s my confession and a little advice to other girls who own dogs:

The best time to do it is when you’re having your period. Don’t use a tampon, use a kotex pad instead. That way he’ll be able to smell your bloody cunt and if you fingerfuck yourself for a few minutes he’ll be able to smell your sexual juices too. If you don’t shave down there, it will help to intensify your scent. I don’t shave my cunt and I always smear my blood and juices into my thick pubes. It works like magic! Lay back on the edge of the bed or couch with your legs spread wide open. When your horny dog sticks his head between your legs, grab his ears and pull his nose straight into your bloody cunt. He’ll know what to do. When he starts licking you, reach down and start playing with his cock and balls. It’ll drive him absolutely CRAZY. When his cock is good and hard and it’s fully exposed, get him to mount you! You’ll be in for the ride of your life!

The only times I have better sex is when my Father fucks the Hell out of me doggy-style while my Mom’s in the next room watching her soap operas!


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  1. Rex's Girlfriend --
    3:06 pm on August 2nd, 2007

    You GO, Girl !!!

    I’m a female who loves being dog-fucked too!

    You are 100% right about using a pad instead of a Tampax and NEVER shaving your cunt!

    The only advice I would add is to get a pair of "booties" to cover your lover’s paws so his nails don’t rip you to shreds while he’s fucking you.

    Also, I love sucking off my dog (Rex). Have you tried that?

    It’s the #1 BEST way to learn how to totally Deep Throat.

    PS. I haven’t been able to get my Dad to fuck me yet, but he does love my Deep Throat blowjobs!!!

  2. Wild Indian
    10:40 pm on August 2nd, 2007

    #3026: I’ve read a lot about dogs knotting and have also seen girls getting tied up with dogs. Is that a fact that a girl can take the knot and also get tied up with it. Some of the text material says that dogs have thick (3") and a long (8") long handle, how can a girl accomodate this much along with the knot.

  3. Park Lane
    4:48 pm on August 4th, 2007

    #3028: I’d love to have you sucking my cock while your dog fucks your bloody pussy.

  4. Daddy's Little Doggy Girl
    4:29 pm on August 8th, 2007

    To: Rex’s Girlfriend.

    Thank you for the advice about the booties. We tried them out and it worked GREAT! We picked up a couple of pair of them down at the Thrift Store. The ones that work the best are actually just really heavy socks. They’re softer than the ones with hard soles. Now I’m able to relax and enjoy the repeated poundings my dog gives my cunt!

    I’ve tried sucking my dog’s cock like you suggested. I sure wish I’d started doing that to him a long time ago. I had no idea what I was missing! It’s been hard trying to deepthroat him. The only time I’ve been able to do it halfway right is when my dog gets so excited that I lose control over him and he starts fucking my face. I’m still working on the "gagging" thing.

    Thanks for everything!

    Us Doggy Girls have to stick together!

    PS. I haven’t told my Dad about sucking off my dog… yet.

  5. carolina canine lover
    5:14 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3038: i let my doggy fuck me all the time. it feels so good when he mounts me and sticks his thing in my pussy.

    i love him soooooooooooo much!

  6. good times.
    6:08 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3043: This is so hot! you girls are my type, wish I could be there.

  7. Tag Team Tina
    6:29 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3045: Everybody in my family thinks that I’m little "Miss Sweet & Innocent". Our two dogs having been fucking me almost non-stop ever since I was 12. Sometimes at the same time!

    Not even my grandfather knows and we’ve been having sex two or three times a week since he popped my cherry on my 13th birthday!

  8. Horny Teen
    7:16 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3049: I love sucking off and getting fucked by my Collie. His cum feels hot and sticky. I’m getting horny just thinking about it!

  9. bestial betty
    8:17 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3053: My dog fucks my furry little cunt AND my backdoor!

  10. insane harlot
    8:29 pm on August 8th, 2007

    #3056: i suck my dogs dick till he cummmmmmms down my throat. YUM!

  11. good times.
    6:10 pm on August 9th, 2007

    #3072: i wish i had a male dog, and one of you girls:)

  12. Little Bitch In Heat
    1:58 pm on August 11th, 2007

    #3076: I wish I had two dogs like Tag Team Tina so they could take turns on me !

  13. Bloody Panties
    9:33 am on August 12th, 2007


    My dog licks my vagina when I’m having my period. I saw him doing it to my mom and it made me really hot, so I started having him do it to me. I’m going to be home alone for the next couple of days and i think I’m going to try the sex thing with him. Wish me luck!

  14. waiting printer
    9:39 am on August 12th, 2007

    #3082: Nothing tickles more than having our doggies cum dribble out of my pussy and down my leg while I’m at church!

  15. Two Holed Doggy Humper
    12:10 pm on August 14th, 2007


    Sometimes when my Black Lab is fucking my cunt, he goes out of control and his big doggy cock slips out of my cunt. When he tries to shove it back in, it rams into my puckered little asshole!

    After he cums in my ass, I love to watch him lick my shit off of his cock!

    GOOD BOY !!!

  16. coward student
    5:17 pm on August 30th, 2007




  17. able dog
    2:34 pm on September 2nd, 2007


    Have dog, will travel !

    Ready, willing, and able !

  18. Joshkey882
    1:08 am on September 3rd, 2007

    #3192: I would love to have a hot girl that would like to fuck a dog. but till then i ges i will keep looking . Im 5’10 _ 195 lbs_ 19 year old and im not fat i work out with my boys ever day . I have a 8in dick i live in tennessee . U can find me at yahoo or im joshkey882 look me up

  19. young beetle
    1:29 pm on September 8th, 2007

    #3316: I sure wish dogs could talk! What interesting stories they would be able to tell !

  20. handsome dog
    3:40 pm on September 8th, 2007


    W O O F ! ! !

  21. red dog
    6:43 pm on September 10th, 2007

    #3486: fucking girls while they’re having their period is BLODDY GOOD SEX !!!

  22. norwegian goldfish
    7:17 pm on February 3rd, 2008

    #4181: Thats nasty

  23. Regretful Guy
    2:17 am on March 13th, 2008

    #4323: When I was 21, i walked in on my gf jacking off her great dane. She looked up at me and said, "I bet you wish this was you" and started licking his shaft. I was so mad, (we had been fighting) I left. I’ve been thinking about it ever since then.

  24. lovesdogtounge
    8:43 pm on May 17th, 2008

    #4691: i always have my dog lick my vagina even if not on my period it is just fun. I havent gotten him to stick his cock in yet gonna go try that.

  25. Be Me
    7:30 am on June 1st, 2008

    #4751: i love reading all of your confessions. It gets me so hot. I’ve had a few dogs in my adult life that have licked me, but never have they mounted me. I never thought to get them to mount me. 🙁

  26. Be Me
    7:36 am on June 1st, 2008

    #4752: Anyone men with a male dog in the Dallas area up for it?

  27. Blacky's Bitch
    3:03 pm on June 7th, 2008

    #4801: Our dog fucks me whenever I have my period. Whenever Blacky fucks me I have a TON of orgasms, and it relieves my menstrual cramps too!

  28. cute dog
    9:49 am on June 10th, 2008

    #4811: Type your comment here! wow it’s great to know now that in this world girls fucked from there dogg and dade wow nice

  29. dog slut
    3:18 pm on July 4th, 2008

    #4898: i would love to know what it feels to have a male cock and dog
    cock in me at the same time.

  30. nerd demon
    12:11 am on July 21st, 2008

    #4981: that was a hot story im rubbing my pussy at this very moment……add me to msn ladies only

  31. I Think My Dogs Gay! :( HELP ME!
    4:04 am on July 27th, 2008

    #4991: Heyy I Have A Black Lab And He Licks Me But He Has A Short Attendence Span Kinda A Pain ! He Likes Licking My Feet More. But When He Does Lick Sometimes He Goes To Hard He Never Tounge Fucks Me Through 🙁 And This Is Really Strange I Want Him To Fuck Me For So Long I’ve Dreamt Of It But He Won’t Let Anyone Near His Cock/Shaft. He Won’t Let Anyone Touch it And If You Come Near It He Backs Away Or Jumps Up And Runs Away . I’ve Smeared Stuff On My Pussy But Even That Doesn’t Get his Attention… Lol If Anyone Can Help Me And My NON-Horny Dog To Fuck Plz Feel Free To Contact Me On (EMAILS ONLY!) Thanks 🙂

  32. dog slut
    12:10 pm on August 20th, 2008

    #5116: i love to be the bitch in heat for a male dog.

  33. Dirty Cunt
    12:23 pm on August 30th, 2008

    #5164: I started lettin my dog lick me when i was 11 yeass old. Every day after school id get my pitbull Chance to lick my pussy he did it so good then he would mount me and fuck me i came ALOT! It was the best fuking ive ever had.

  34. MrTeeeeeeeeeeeee
    8:26 am on August 31st, 2008

    #5169: Nice to read all those confessions! Hey Girls, I´m still looking for new e-mail or Messenger- friends, especially who like dogs. Contact!!! 😉

  35. Hornydogslut
    9:06 pm on September 17th, 2008

    #15275: I want to try fucking a dog@ ne advice

  36. Prince Abdull
    11:09 pm on February 13th, 2009

    ewwwwwww beastility

  37. jptrilogy
    9:38 pm on February 16th, 2009

    wow, that sounds hot, anyone got any videos? i’d love to watch

  38. dog lover
    11:18 am on February 22nd, 2009

    Hi im a boy…But i love to suck my dog it taste so good when he cumesss yum yum…. also i let him mount my butt… it feels good

  39. electric arsonist
    3:44 pm on February 26th, 2009

    You are sick!

    I have never felt so sick as now I am feeling…

    You have a fucking serious disease…

  40. AntiLohan
    3:05 am on March 19th, 2009

    WTF? This is beyond sick. Those who are doing it and those who are condoning it. Get a fucking sextoy, but leave your labs, Collies and Great fucking danes alone!

  41. danny boy
    6:17 pm on April 15th, 2009

    dont believe any of these idiots would do such a nasty thing if you lot do I hope you catch rabies or some other dog related disease you nasty peices of shit. I love my dogs too much to even think about such a sick notion.
    If anyone does such a thing for real I suggest you get help because it is not normal I tell you..NOT NORMAL

  42. L
    9:02 am on July 10th, 2009

    holy fuck, losers. The only reason you fuck your dogs is b/c no one else will fuck you. Fucking grossssss

    7:34 pm on July 13th, 2009

    Bestiality with dogs is heaven. Its VERY normal. A lot of women and girls are into it. If you REALLY love your dog you should be into it. Its cruel to deprive your dog from sex.

  44. Jay Wolf
    12:31 am on September 11th, 2009

    lol, never done anything with a dog or any other animal I can say safely. Corse im a dude. But gotta give those people on here props for doing what they want and being who they are.

  45. dog humper
    12:54 pm on September 13th, 2009

    You go girl’s My now ex-girlfriend raised our doberman from a puppy to lick and fuck her when he was old enough to do so. I let here do him when ever she wanted than I took my turn on her after watching. Best sex I ever had. The dog finished her by licking her clean this took place several times a week for over 5 years. I wish we were still together but we had to go our own ways. I would love to have another woman who likes dog humping. If any one is interested let me know.

  46. Jms
    2:38 am on September 21st, 2009

    Im a male and my dog lovez to sux my cock it makes me cum so quick when she does it.. But i wish i had a male dog to fuckk my ass instead of a female dog just suxing me.

  47. Amazing Chick
    12:16 am on September 26th, 2009

    You sick people, that is soooo unnatural and soooo against God. You will get so much bacteria in there that eventually your parents will find out as they would have to go to get you checked, and taken cared of.

  48. Loulou
    10:20 am on October 10th, 2009

    I agree this is soooooo sick WTF..y’all gonna burn in hell…like daaaang there sum fucked up ppl in the world…

  49. hope i was helpful
    3:09 am on November 25th, 2009

    ya wtf you guys are sick,dont you guys/gals have human bf or gf,to fuck.and those who have sex with dog will get diseases from the dog in ur vagaina or penis i dont if ppl put penis in female dog but the bacteria from their tongues can harm your sexual would e funny if dogs and human were able to reproduce people in this site would already have a human/dog hybrid child lol.the chromosomes dont match and its not in human genes to fuck a dog,if it was then dogs or humans would be able to give birth to each other’s child.

  50. political great-grandmother
    7:51 pm on November 26th, 2009

    i think i just cumed reading all that and i didnt even touch my self

  51. doggy slut
    8:00 pm on November 26th, 2009

    u know one time i fucked my dog i held his cum in me and my bf eat me out and he didnt know ive been fucking my dog and held the dogs cum in me so as he ate my pussy he said baby ur realy wet to day and after that when he finshed he told me i teasted better than usely i didnt have the heart to tell him he bewen licking the dog cumj out of my pussy and till this day he dust know.

  52. crafty arsonist
    2:03 am on December 9th, 2009

    I know you are mostly girls here but I think I’d fit in even though I’m a boy. I love sucking my dogs off. Their slippery cocks are so good! Since I have two dogs I usually suck one off while the other fucks me good. I can’t begin to explain how amazing it feels to have a dog inside you. I am a crossdresser by the way so sometimes I dress up as a girl and have them fuck me. That’s fun too! If you guys haven’t tried it already, you should try making out with your dogs. It’s delicious to feel a dog’s rough wet tongue inside your mouth!!

  53. slimy principal
    11:16 am on December 30th, 2009

    I enjoy watching my dog lick my wife and after she gets aroused, I enter her from behind and the dog continues licking her. She screams her head off in ecstasy.

  54. Motherfucking Son-Of-A-Bitch !!!
    1:43 pm on January 5th, 2010

    When I was 13 years old, I was totally shocked when I caught my Mother sucking our dog’s cock and then letting him mount her (doggy-style). When our dog was fucking her like crazy, my Mother started having a screaming orgasm. When she was screaming her loudest, I reached through the doorway and turned on the bedroom light. That stopped her!

    After much weeping and wailing, my Mother begged me not to tell anyone, especially my Father. She said that she would do “anything, anything at all” as long as I didn’t tell anyone. For the past three and a half years my Mother has been true to her word.

    Ever since I caught her sucking and fucking our family’s dog, my Mother has been MY cocksucking & fucking BITCH !!!

  55. destiny
    2:31 pm on January 5th, 2010

    i’m eleven and my dog fucks my cunt when noones around

  56. right snail
    1:24 am on March 7th, 2010

    You’re all worse than micheal fucking vick.

  57. amy
    4:54 pm on March 19th, 2010

    you guys are SICK!! i cant believe you would have sex with a dog!! So gross. But having sex with ur dad is no big deal. My dad is super hot and is in great shape. Hes probably the hottest guy I’ve ever seen. We fuck ALL the time! Think I’ll go suck his cock right now! 😀

  58. romantic professor
    3:57 am on March 29th, 2010

    U all are sick fucks

  59. Pussygirl
    1:35 pm on May 8th, 2010

    hey,can someone send me a video of getting fucked by your dog?im a girl

  60. Pussygirl
    1:35 pm on May 8th, 2010

    ok please send

  61. complete medical technician
    3:23 pm on July 4th, 2010

    Marry me

  62. complete medical technician
    3:24 pm on July 4th, 2010

    marry us!

  63. little girl 3some
    12:27 pm on August 10th, 2010

    im a 14 year old girl and my doggy has been having sex with me since i was 12, he still does it and it feels nice when he puts his dick inside me, and my bum as well.sometimes we have a threesome with my older brother too who is 27. my brother fucks me nicely while i suck my dog off, while my sister takes the dog out for a walk, my brother makes me sit on his lap and fondles me. i love it

  64. senseless rattlesnake
    10:46 pm on August 19th, 2010

    Littlegirl3some. Good to hear of another young girl who likes to fuck.Hope other kids tell their story.Good going little lady.

  65. Sexyyy
    11:30 am on August 21st, 2010

    Whats there to enjoy senseless rattlesnake? its absolutely normal.I mean my bro fucks me hard,too.Although,I dont have a dog…! 😉

  66. first daughter
    1:36 pm on August 21st, 2010

    Hey Sexyyy: What do ya mean,”whats to enjoy?”.Whats not to enjoy?Keep enjoying ur bro and find a dog for some fun

  67. first daughter
    7:57 pm on August 22nd, 2010

    yTo Sexyy:Ya thinking about a pooch yet?Yer all good though.Give ur bro one for me.

  68. americanPervert
    1:25 am on August 24th, 2010

    Ha Ha Ha

  69. Jesus
    1:28 am on August 24th, 2010


  70. first daughter
    5:22 pm on August 29th, 2010

    to Amy from march 2010:You should try a dog.I bet yer daddy would love to watch you with a wet dog cock in the hole he loves to fuck so much.You go girl !!

  71. Warewolf
    7:10 am on January 24th, 2011

    That is where we, the warewolves, come from!

  72. dogcock
    12:55 pm on January 27th, 2011

    all these people making negative comments you gotta wonder why they here reading about it eh lmao

  73. maaaaariaaa
    11:30 am on February 7th, 2011

    Notwithstanding dogs do not pass diseases to women unlike men, there is no fear of having unwanted pregnancy, dogs able to give women 100% sarcasm due to their penis knot pressing in women’s G-spot besides its very hot watery like semen spewed into the uterus gives heavenly pleasure to women (some people also have strong belief that dog semen kills the harmful germs and virus of women’s uterus thereby healing the gynecological diseases); yet, morally it is not acceptable.Let people think that God has created dogs specially for women for the above purpose. Though there may be thousand benefits for women of having sex with dogs; but ethically it is not good.

  74. Steamygirl
    6:27 am on March 15th, 2011

    I have been into incest with my dad and that is amazingly delightful. Fucking a dog has always been my long desire but I am afraid of his claws.

  75. innocent
    7:19 am on March 19th, 2011

    Girls!please never go for doing sex with dogs please; otherwise you will lost your near and dear ones as you neglect them all.If you commit this mistake once; we will never stop it through out your life.Whenever you will find even a stray dog on the road; you will look at his penis knot first.Oh! unbelievable, vvverrry vverrry hot the cum is.His knot will make you craze.Whenever you start thinking of his knot; your labia start to throb in ecstasy as if it is ready to devour it.

  76. ____________?
    3:47 am on March 23rd, 2011

    wellll……hooolyy shyyitt-tt…thats fuckin crazy man, Ive never read this sortve shit before, and I mean the fucking your dads and brothers and fucking your dogs at eleven yrs old, hooornyy fuckin bitches or what maybe where I live the majority of women are smart and sexy because where ever y’all are from things and ppl must be fucked, you all must have low self esteem and and must be fat or anorexic and seen yo mama fuck the dog tooo many times, aaahhh thts just too bad, im not bothered by the dog thing do what yall want…..but incest? now thats FUCKED

  77. Horn dog
    12:02 am on May 19th, 2011

    I am a dude, but I let my lab fuck me in the ass and it beats any sex I have ever experienced. The warm cum shooting up my ass got me to cum in a second flat. The bulb of his penis was hard to take at first, but when it went in, WOW it felt like my ass would bust. Very nice experience.

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