Confession Point

When you must confess!

Ok, so I guess this is where I can confess and get things off my chest. Just so all of you know, I am a married man with two beautiful children and a loving wife who I couldn’t be happier with. This all happened before I was happy…

I had been talking to my friend on the phone (she is now my wife) who lived in a different part of the country then I did, and at this point I had never met her. I met her off of the internet. The day before she flew up I went to another friends house because she called and asked me to come over, we’ve had history together, so I went. As we were sitting on her couch watching T.V. she leaned into me an aggressively pushed her tongue in my mouth, it was beautiful. I wanted her so bad, she said she would give it to me again if I just forgot about my “cross country friend” and stayed with her. Needless to say I couldn’t do that so I left for my home.
Well I met my future wife for the first time and things were good at first I never told her about that night before I met her. A few months after I met my future wife but she went home…
I met these two college females a month later and would hang out with them alot. We played alot of beer games, strip poker, kings, make-out sessions, etc. I also felt, not fingered, but felt one of the chicks pussies one night.
That college rendezvous lasted short, my future wife came back from across the country. We definitely had a rocky relationship the entire time, I never fooled around when she came back. When she went back to her home state we found that she was pregnant so I quickly had to grow-up. Well, I joined the Army (which I hate). As I was in training and my now Wife at home pregnant I went to a strip club and ended up giving this older 33 yrs old stripper, I was 21 yrs old, a finger bang for what seemed like for ever. As she was giving me a lap dance she let me rub her pussy through her thong, then under her thong. She was really wet so I slid my fingers, two of them, in her pussy and felt her entire cunt as I was fingering her I had the hardest cock but was to torn to do anything about it. After I was threw, she barely spoke or understood english and told me she had cum and would be right back to take care of me. I felt really dirty so I sneaked past her into the bathroom and washed my hand, several times, and went back to the barracks. To this day I wonder what it would have felt like to fuck her pussy with my cock. Oh well I’ll never know, I’m so in love with my wife and everyday I’m sorry for what I’ve done, but I’ll never tell her for shame of myself.



  1. living killer
    10:24 am on October 3rd, 2006

    #1278: don’t worry about it. i had internet-sex with a sort-of long distance relationship about 4 hours before i met and fell in love with my present boyfriend. i would never tell him.
    i guess that’s my confession!

  2. coward psychiatrist
    8:16 pm on November 20th, 2006

    #1311: get over it…

  3. old grub
    9:20 am on December 9th, 2006

    #1337: Wow…I actually dozed off while I was reading that….You’re one friggin’ exciting guy!

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