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Once when my girlfriend was out of town, I let her younger sister jerk me off. It was nice.


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  1. stupid abominable snowman
    1:25 pm on December 13th, 2006

    #1414: nice

  2. stupid abominable snowman
    5:55 pm on December 16th, 2006

    #1432: PIMP

  3. Maddox
    5:45 pm on January 30th, 2007

    #1717: and speaking of a little jerk….there you are

  4. equal granddaughter
    8:03 pm on September 4th, 2007

    #3238: Your dick is shorter than this sentence.

  5. private niece
    6:40 pm on September 10th, 2007

    #3484: i can always steal my cousins boyfriends by giving them blowjobs.

  6. violent janitor
    11:49 am on September 20th, 2007

    #3553: Once, when my Mom was out of town, I gave my Father and two brothers blowjobs… Then I let them ALL fuck me!

    My Mother STILL hasn’t found out!

  7. vdf
    4:12 am on October 11th, 2008

    violent janitor your fuckin sick.

  8. The other one
    8:41 am on October 28th, 2009

    Hey Private niece wanna prove your theory on me?

  9. lilLuver
    5:38 am on February 23rd, 2013

    My gf caught me twice with her little sister. My gf is 19 and her little sister is 11. I’m 24. Her little sister is so cute and has a great ass for an 11 yr old. Anyways I been playing with and molesting her little sister since last year. One night my gf was watching tv in the room and I went to her little sister’s room. I pulled out my dick and put her little sister’s hand on it and had her masturbate me like i’d done so many times. Except I hadn’t heard her coming down the hall, suddenly the door opens and my gf is standing there looking at us! Her little sister’s hand on my hard cock and she was masturbating me, I was so scared! But she was really mad but let it go. The second time was when we picked up her little sis after school. We were home in the afternoon. My gf had fallen asleep in the living room and her little sis was in her room on her bed and had fallen asleep face down. I walked by her room and saw her laying there feet hanging off her bed with her jeans still on and made me horny, I went in her little sister’s room and pushed the door shut a little since I was going to molest her. I pull her a little bit so her legs hung a little more off the bed and I could sort of doggy mount her. I got on her doggy style and started to dry dump her little 11yr old ass while she slept. It felt so good I carefully reached under her undid her jeans and pulled them down with her panties to almost her knees. Then I got back on her and with my hand opened her little ass cheeks so I could put my hard cock between them and rub it all over her ass. I pulled my pants down and got on her and was rubbing my hard cock between her little girl ass cheeks nasty and hard when the door suddenly opens and my gf is standing there! What could I say!? I had my pants down to the floor, cock super hard, on top of her 11 yr old sister who I had pulled her jeans and panties down and my cock was clearing between her ass cheeks. I got lucky again! I was able to apologize again after begging for days but that was all that came of it. My gf questioned me about what all I had been doing to her little sister so I had to tell her in detail. It was scary having to tell her but also super hot telling her what I had been doing to her little sister and what I had made her little sister do. I kept molesting her little sister for a couple years, from when she was10 to 14.

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