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When you must confess!

wen i was 7, i made out with my mums best frnds 6 yr old son, i didnt kno wat it really was thn, but we use to talk bout sex (didnt really understand it tho) n i had this huge doll that we wud take too to ‘play’ wit us, he also used to take his pants out n try get me tl take mine off, he was 6! i dnt kno how he knew that stuff,,, well we dnt talk bout it now, but i tink he told his brother, whos 19, (im 17 now) his bro was teasin me but in a jokin way lik haha i kno wat u n my brother used to do, u used to make out, THE ting is, tht time was the last time i saw the older bro cuz 3 weeks later he got arrested fr strangling one of my best frnds, messed up i kno, n his mum is my mums best frnd,,, im being 100 percnt serious here,, n it seems the older bro had a lot of psyhcological prbs cuz his family was pretty messed n he had raped wen my frnd wen she was 12, n aftr he killed wen she was 18, he had also put his hands around her neck during normal sex wen thy used to go out,, wat i worrid is his little bro who i used to fool aorund with, wen he was 8, he took this grl to the bathroom n forcefully fingered her , n wen he was 10 he had sex, evry type possible,, so im a bit freaked out considering hes kinda violant like his bro who turned out to b a sadistic sick murdered who killed my frnd n that i actually did stuff wit him tho we wer little, wer in the same high school n its weird seeing him evryday i try not to tink bout it but its hard


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  1. linguist
    4:36 am on July 5th, 2006

    #1116: Wow! My brain hurts after reading this. I am sure you can write better English.

  2. In china cars drive you.
    8:52 am on July 5th, 2006

    #1117: wow I never thought there are people with such terrible English skills, and I live in China, believe me, I know. is that a case of what some people call:"redneck hillbilly"?

  3. slimy grandmother
    7:55 pm on September 20th, 2007



    It’s NOT because of bad English language skills.

    She writes that way because she hasn’t swallowed enough of her Daddy’d semen yet!

    Give her time and she’ll "Git ‘er done" !!!

  4. Raul
    8:35 am on May 4th, 2010

    I think its about time you genuinely let it go!

    The two boys are possibly that way because they were exposed to such stuff at a young age. Either something like their dad did stuff in the open to their mum.

    Or someone else exposed them to such stuff.. This has messed them up.

    Stay away is my only word. You cant forget.. Get yourself a boyfriend, fall in love and over time it will feel silly ! Thats all I can say and thats the smartest thing you could do for yourself.

    If you wish to be some stupid chick thinking about it forever, then go dig your own grave.

  5. crazy coach
    5:19 am on August 28th, 2013

    I’used stay in my grand mother place for my schooling
    Then iwas about 10year
    My aunt daughter was also staying ther she was younger
    to me I had lot sex wither she use to bring her friends i also had se,x with them


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