Confession Point

When you must confess!

I spanked my monkey while eating cheetoos and was watching a porn. now my pecker is orange..


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  1. prick
    5:26 pm on December 15th, 2005

    #413: The same thing happened tp me but i was eating doritos

  2. joker
    11:17 pm on December 16th, 2005
  3. Aim - away message
    1:22 pm on December 17th, 2005

    #466: I’m away from my computer right now.

  4. loose son
    4:44 pm on December 27th, 2005


  5. chutney spanker
    4:30 am on January 16th, 2006

    #647: what if you spanked your monkey eating chutney flavoured chips ? give it a try, you know you want to.

  6. public printer
    11:53 am on January 22nd, 2007

    #1645: orange is it?

  7. late hooker
    8:06 pm on February 18th, 2007

    #1876: sex is good but i don’t have a girlfriend

  8. silly dragon
    5:46 pm on February 25th, 2007

    #2086: Sometimes when I’m working on my car and I pee or play with my dick, I get it all greasey.

  9. Thanx, Grandma !!!
    8:18 pm on September 4th, 2007

    #3247: My Great-Grandmother wears a TON of lipstick and gives me 2 or 3 blowjobs every day.

    My cock is ALWAYS bright RED !!!

  10. nerd criminal
    12:41 am on August 15th, 2009

    My boyfriend’s a ginger, so his wang is always orange. Is there anything he can wack off with to make it beige or something?

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