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When you must confess!

I’m 36 and last saturday I screwed my buddys 14 year old daughter, but I wasn’t the first one.


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  1. lasin jonnos
    11:37 am on June 7th, 2006

    #1049: You dirty bastard. you should be castrated! Motherfucker

  2. electric girl
    9:04 am on June 8th, 2006

    #1055: Actually i think its more like daughterfucker?

  3. lasin jonnos
    3:56 am on June 9th, 2006

    #1060: Oh mann! shut up

  4. full ex-wife
    8:14 am on June 12th, 2006

    #1078: yewwwwww gross you did that and your how old.

  5. nice guy
    11:55 am on June 12th, 2006

    #1083: Good for you man, I’d do it too.

  6. christina aguilera's loyal follower
    8:04 pm on June 12th, 2006

    #1091: as long as you are not the first….

  7. responsible monkey
    4:29 pm on July 6th, 2006

    #1142: i think it was a good idea and you should do it everytime you have the chance so go ahead and fuck the little girl

  8. coward psychiatrist
    7:38 pm on November 20th, 2006

    #1307: pyscho.. sick…

  9. easygoing half-sister
    6:34 pm on December 11th, 2006

    #1350: I hope you fucking burn in hell you cocksucking son of a bitch. You must be really pathetic! Can’t even get a woman your own fucking age.

  10. private patient
    6:36 am on January 24th, 2007

    #1669: FUCKING EW. i’m 14 years old, you freak.

  11. coolio
    10:05 am on February 11th, 2007

    #1815: well im 14 and would love that but… I think at 36 it’s time to move on!

  12. attractive politician
    3:49 pm on February 23rd, 2007

    #1989: i hope the fbi siezes your computer & you get sent to prison, you sick fuck.

  13. old spider
    1:07 pm on March 8th, 2007

    #2340: Yeah, Good for you. Fuck the shit out of her again. I’m sure she had some nice firm tits, and a tight pussy unlike some of these older women on here who are upset. Next time get her to suck your cock and swallow your cum. When they’re young they’ll do that, when they’re older women don’t want to anymore. Coollll……….

  14. big physician
    4:31 pm on August 18th, 2007

    It’s perfectly natural.
    It’s perfectly okay.
    Go ahead and keep doing it.
    Pound you cock into ALL of her wet holes.


  15. narrow athlete
    1:01 am on September 3rd, 2007

    #3188: No, you weren’t the first. but your buddy probably was!

  16. separate stepson
    12:49 pm on September 29th, 2007

    #3648: I’m nailing my two daughters on a regular basis. BEST sex I’ve ever had.

  17. loose pharmacist
    12:28 pm on January 14th, 2008

    #4110: thats Fucking hot.

  18. LMAO!
    5:47 am on February 19th, 2009

    this site is fucking hysterical! Dude good job! Get that little slut pregnant~ then you can fuck your grandbaby too!

  19. old classmate
    8:03 pm on March 20th, 2009

    You are sick!!!

  20. yellow schoolboy
    9:03 pm on March 26th, 2009

    WOW, WTF is wrong with ppl in this world?!?! Did you EVER consider the fact that you are messing this CHILD up? You are an adult YOU are supposed to know better. How do sleep at night? For realz!! Oh & KARMA is a SOB, hope you dont have any children or maybe you should be considering the fact of IF YOU get this child prego how much trouble you will be in!?!? Oh & good luck in prison being a pedoerass. When shit hits the fan dont sit there all stupid scratching your emptyass head, its karma you perv.!! 18ys old is bad enuf @ ur age, u really could wait a couple more years?? Or did you start when she was 9??

  21. slow unicorn
    4:24 pm on June 15th, 2009

    14 is way too old man, get some taste goddamned!

  22. The other one
    7:31 am on October 28th, 2009

    Fuck all of you, there’s nothing wrong with this. If she wants to and he wants to just keep on fucking.

  23. kidsrhot
    9:48 am on October 28th, 2009

    14 is too old. 9 yo would be better. Flat chested cuties, mmmmmh!

  24. poor chef
    6:42 am on November 3rd, 2009

    tracey was 13 , gary came in her

  25. skinny arsonist
    2:07 am on November 13th, 2009

    nothin wrong with that. i’ve been fucking my next door neighbors 16 year old daughter for the past 2 years. I’m 36 too. its just sex. we both get off and go back home. no big deal.

  26. late centipede
    8:11 pm on July 7th, 2010

    thats fucking sick anyone who says it isnt should be made to be fucked by a cow up the ass everyday until it bleeds then colapses so they cant even control their shit and have to eat every bit they spill
    then again you sicks fucks would probably enjoy that

  27. LoveMeHard
    7:46 pm on August 9th, 2010

    Hey man I’m a girl I find nothin wrong with that I’m 19 my dad has been screwn me for the last 2 years. BEST FUCKiN SEx EVER

  28. first daughter
    9:38 pm on August 19th, 2010

    14 is sweet, but 8 is sweeter.I know cuz i woke up one nite and my girlfriends 8 year old daughter was naked on top of me and grinding her bald little slit on my cock while her mother slept beside us.I Couldnt get it in the kids tight hole so she just rubbed her little slit on my cock until we both came.Then she thanked me,said excuse me and went to her own bed.She did this almost every nite even with her mom right next to us.She would leave her panties off under her dress and made sure I noticed,then later she would be on me in bed again.The girl loved my finger in her little ass and pussy too. I never pushed her to do any of this and she loved it. So goes to show,kids can be into sex too. That kid showed me a whole new world and I have helped other little girls express their sexuality when they wanted.And belive me some do want.I’m a 38 year old male and was 25 at the time. So good for you brother.FU

  29. first daughter
    9:54 pm on August 19th, 2010

    To private patient. Whats a 14 year old doing on this site?Mabye she should talk to Daddy or the neighbour about her thoughts!

  30. first daughter
    10:25 pm on August 19th, 2010

    To:Lovemehard, Good to hear from girl who was fucked by her Dad when she was underaged,and loved it.Do you wish you were younger when he first did it to you?You could show your love and bring him some young girls to play with you two.

  31. first daughter
    2:31 am on August 20th, 2010

    To Kidsrhot: Yur totally right.An 8year girl old taught me about child love.But 16 on down rocks.Soooo sweet.

  32. first daughter
    2:38 am on August 20th, 2010

    To Seperate Stepson: Good to hear.How old were they the first time?Keep on a fuckin em!!

  33. first daughter
    11:10 am on August 20th, 2010

    To Poor Chef: Who’s Gary?I bet Tracy loved that.I got a young hooker once and later,I saw her picture in the newspaper and found out she was only 14.Man the kid sure loved sex. I became her regular after that.She even got her 12 year old sister to join us.Sweeet stuff!

  34. first daughter
    1:18 pm on August 21st, 2010

    To LoveMeHard: Haven’t heard any more from ya.Good thoughts still from ur confession.Tell us more.So hot.

  35. first daughter
    5:47 pm on August 22nd, 2010

    Re:Late centipede..You know what you like obviously!!

  36. firstdaughter
    7:33 pm on September 19th, 2010

    my buddy got drunk with me the other night and told me his secret.He is fucking his 9year old daughter and has been since she was 7.He aggred to a threeway with the kid and you should have heard her scream with my cock in her little ass and her daddys in her pussy.She’s bringing her 10 year old girlfriend over for us on Saturday.Can hardly wait to see the girls eating each other clean of our cum.Her friend has never seen a real cock before and she’s gonna get two.Apparently she can hardly wait to get some.

  37. vanessa
    1:04 am on September 22nd, 2010

    Really, cause im 14 and i love having sex with older men. lol no ones fucken messing me up i like it

  38. greek undertaker
    5:22 am on September 26th, 2010

    hi vanessa , love to fuck you with my 7 inch cocock . it’s 5 inches round as well. describe yourself to me I’m 52 yrs old.

  39. Simply Concerned
    10:21 pm on October 20th, 2010

    I really don’t understand how you can look into an innocent child’s eyes and still have it in you to ruin them like that. Maybe you should stop and think that the reason the child “seems willing” is because he or she witnessed it somewhere else or is in desperate need of attention. Children trust adults because that is what they are taught to do, when you molest a child you warp the fundamental trust that a child has. Not only do you severely damage this child’s mental and emotional health, you twist their minds until they think thats how it’s supposed to be. When you molest a child you breed a generation of pedophiles who think every child “seems willing”. Normally I would make the point of ” would you want someone to do that to your daughter?” But apparently some of you aren’t above using the bond between a parent and a child as leverage for sexual activity. 9 times out of 10 I’m willing to bet you people had a tramatic experience as a child or teen that led you to think this was ok. ITS NOT OK. A child is a blessed gift no matter how unexpected or unwanted, children are not for your sexual entertainment or pleasure. You should be protecting them, not raping them in their body, mind, and soul. An 3, 5, 7, or 9 year old child does not understand sex well enough to make the decision to engage in it. Therefore any sex is non-consensual, no matter what the CHILD says. Now with the matter of 12 year olds and above, I am not so naive to believe that there aren’t 12 year olds out there well versed in sexual matters or at least curious enough to take part in them, I personally have known several pregnant young women who were perfectly aware of the predicament they were entering in to. The point is they aren’t mature enough to make those decisions about their futures. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS CONSENSUAL SEX WITH A CHILD….NO MATTER HOW YOU SPIN IT

  40. yuckyyy
    11:08 pm on July 17th, 2011


  41. office pest
    10:01 pm on July 19th, 2011

    you are sick, and seriously deranged…14 year old!!!.
    she is still a child, and irispective if she claims she has done it before, it is still wrong.
    you shouldn’t take advantage of children, even if some make it plain that they want to start early.
    you should be more grown up about it, and say no.
    perhaps she should look to boys her own age..that although wrong, is better then her being fucked by a dirty old man….she’s got to live with that forever.
    i only hope you havent corrupted her beyond the point of no return.
    be careful of a knock at your door….it could be the police….and once your name is on a peado register, it is there forever…and that is your life that what you want?.
    sorry mate, just telling you like it is.
    believe it or not, i am trying to help you.
    try adult women instead…they can slap you away, children cant.
    hope this helps.

  42. Cary:) and believer4EVER_office pest sux cock
    1:10 am on July 23rd, 2011


  43. LIFE
    8:01 am on December 8th, 2012

    you and whoever else fucked her are pedos and i wouldn’t be sprised if shes pregnant and in shock

  44. lilLuver
    2:59 am on February 23rd, 2013

    14 yrs old, awesome dude! Fuck the shit out of the little slut! Fuck yeah!

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