Confession Point

When you must confess!

The neighbor lady stopped by the other morning to visit, I commented on her herd of miniture horses, she loves them but said they cost more than the’re worth. She said she thought the little stud was off in the head, said ever other evening or so he’ll take off full speed for that bunch of trees way over in that corner, 10 minutes or so later he comes trotting back. She said I have no idea why he does that, Well I know why he does it, but I’m sure not gonna tell her what goes on in that bunch of trees.


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  1. Curious
    1:54 pm on February 5th, 2006

    #747: So tell us

  2. silly dork
    1:28 am on February 9th, 2006

    #754: I;m guessing he knows thats where he can get a little strange tail?

  3. Maddox
    10:01 pm on March 7th, 2008

    #4303: someone must be feeling a little hoarse 😀

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