Confession Point

When you must confess!

I am a crossdresser and i m embarrased bout it


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  1. Whatever
    9:36 am on December 11th, 2005

    #377: If you need some womens shoes in large sizes to go with your outfit I hear payless shoe has a wonderful selection.Shave your legs….. it looks so tacky….esspecially when your try`n to blend in.

  2. dependent artist
    9:54 pm on December 16th, 2005

    #426: i hear that crossdressers who are ashamed of doing this such act.. ARE UGLY.. the first stage to crossdressing even before you thought about.. were you flamboyant? i think thats how you spell.. or unless your a masucaline crossdresser which is gross.

  3. Jessica
    6:52 pm on December 18th, 2005

    #482: Crossdressers ROCK!

  4. waiting step-grandmother
    3:41 am on December 28th, 2005

    #573: If you’re ashamed, don’t do it.

  5. woody
    2:51 pm on June 14th, 2010

    jessica is right…cross dressers do rock. i should know cuz i’m a cross dresser and i rock.

    i don’t think you should feel embarrassed, that’s society getting you down, just know that there are plenty of us out there.

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